Welcome to Ad-In, the friendly, effective and affordable service created to bring more attention to your brand via Twitter Management. We know how hard you’ve worked, and we would like to help you make that hard work pay off! Let us help you reach the next level in your career!


First of all, Twitter is an incredible tool for marketing your brand online! Most small businesses and brands I’ve seen don’t know how to unlock it’s true potential. Once I started putting my social media savvy to work I was reaching over 35,000 real people and gaining 2,000 to over 3,000 new and relevant followers each month! With the right partnership, Ad-In can help you achieve great results.

This is no “quick-followers” plan where some kid creates thousands of phony accounts to boost your follower number. (In fact, we also specialize in helping businesses remove their fake followers). Ad-In gets your brand and website attention the right way by engaging with people who have like-minded interests. Our non-intrusive marketing process will generate relevant connections and real leads!


Ben Myers, President

My name is Ben Myers and I’m the President of Ad-In. I’m the son of a successful business entrepreneur and a successful private practice doctor. I decided to become a musician, of course, and as a result ended up using the business skills my folks taught me. Here’s my story:


Before I started Ad-In, I was exhausted and discouraged that my brand was going nowhere. At the time, I had a simple website in place and was using Facebook and Twitter somewhat regularly, but traffic to my website was almost non-existent. Followers of my social media sites were quiet and uninterested. I started researching, reading, and asking around. What can I do differently?


I came across a few tools and ideas that made a big difference. I began attracting real followers to my brand by following the followers of other similar brands (in my case, music genres) on Twitter. I maintained following those who followed back and began building relationships with those people. The practice proved to be very non-intrusive and effective. I was surprised at how many people were happy to discover my brand this way. It gave them the feeling of discovering me while, in exchange, I was giving them my attention (or follow). I spent a couple months building my fan base to around 10,000 followers with this method. I was beginning to get around 60-120 new followers each day!

The best part was that almost all of these new followers had already taken an interest in following a similar brand or interest group, so I was confident that some of them would be interested in my brand too… and they were! I now had more and more people following me each day who were seeing my posts and hearing about my brand. Due to the nature and connectivity of social media, the public’s interest was beginning to snowball. Sales were finally starting to come in!

We use this very same method to get the word out about Ad-In. So if you’ve made it to our website, we can get people to your website too!


Thomas L. Clark Jr.: Social Media Specialist


“I have been pleasantly surprised by the fast growth of my Twitter account, averaging about 5,000 new followers and 3 to 5 leads per month. Ben has taken the time to understand my business, given me guidance, and provided me with many helpful tips on engaging with the right Twitter followers. Ben is reliable, honest, and an asset to my business. I recommend Ben and Ad-In to any businesses wanting to increase brand awareness, lead generation, etc.

As business owners, time is our most valuable asset. Twitter is a social network of persistence and constant engagement. What most business owners, brands, and solo entrepreneurs don’t understand is that if you commit the time and engagement to Twitter, the payoff is incredible. Since I am so focused on scaling, operations, strategy, marketing and sales, I just don’t have time to learn all of Twitter’s nuances. This is where it has been a real pleasure to work with Ben and Ad-In.”

Michelle Ann Owens: Voice Actress and Musician


“Ben and Ad-In have taken my Twitter account from 900 followers to over 8K in just 6 months, and it was all organic. No buying followers. Just daily, personalized attention to my account.

Ben’s work has made a huge difference for me in terms of audience engagement, networking results and website traffic. I recommend his service if you don’t have extra time to spend on social media. He gets results!”

Joan Jerkovich: Life Coach and Radio Host


“Ad-In has grown my Twitter followers to over 80K in a surprisingly short period of time. I attribute this to the focused attention that Ad-In President, Ben Myers, has given to my account. In addition, Ben has provided the personalized service which I look for, and this greatly adds to the value of his company.”

Christopher Cumby: Author of “The Success Playbook”


“I have really enjoyed working with Ben at Ad-In. He’s extremely knowledgeable about everything having to do with Twitter and has helped my brand grow a lot in just a few months. I know I can always count on him to be prompt and friendly should I ever have a question.”


At Ad-In we work to get you interested customers by gaining you Twitter followers with similar brand interests. We will bring your business more unique website visitors, and as a result, more potential sales. We also have plenty of clever suggestions on how to optimize your postings on Social Media in order to drive traffic to your website. We do not post or tweet for you, however we do push a lot of traffic your way. We know how to maximize the followers you get through following and unfollowing by using our unique specific targeting methods.

Managing your social media can be time consuming and tedious. Let us do the legwork for you. Our expertise of Twitter will maximize your results! Your Twitter reach and followers will grow exponentially each day, and you’ll see more interactions and website clicks as well!

The goal of Ad-In is to provide you with an effective and affordable web marketing solution which enables you to take your brand to the next level!

Still have questions? Take a look at our F.A.Q. section.



Did your business make the common mistake of buying fake followers in the hopes of boosting your online credibility? Fake followers actually present a negative image of your business to potential clients. They can show a lack of trust before the business relationship even begins.

Several current news articles have been written about the problem of fake followers. There are even many websites which your potential clients can use to discover how many fake followers you have. Yikes!

At Ad-In we use sophisticated software to find your fake followers and remove the large majority of them. Then when you’re done, we would love to have you use our Twitter Management service to gain them all back… with real people this time!

Fill out the form below and check our service packages for pricing.


It’s easy to get started with us! Here are the necessary steps for starting our Twitter Management Service:

1. Contact us through either the form below or our email

2. We will evaluate your needs and twitter account and contact you back within a few business days

3. In our email we will then suggest arranging a phone conversation with you in order to ensure we are on the same page regarding your needs (the phone contact is required as we do enjoy visiting with our customers to hear their expectations).

4. During our phone consultation we will explain the details of how Ad-In works and answer any questions. We will also discuss if there are any specific accounts from similar brands you wish to target. Once we develop a strategy, you can determine a service start date.

5. We will then send you a signed confidentiality and service agreement for you to read and agree to stating our intentions of following and unfollowing only per your request and maintaining the secrecy of your password (you will always have full control of your password and account with your linked email and mobile number).

6. Read the agreement (don’t worry, it’s a very straight-forward, short half page to read). At this time we will also send you an invoice via PayPal (if you don’t have a PayPal account you can pay with a credit card).

7. Once your invoice is paid and the confidentiality and service agreement is agreed to, we will start service on your determined start date.

It’s simple! Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?


*The follower results have been my own with my brand. Twitter sometimes modifies their follow limits unexpectedly. Your follower numbers will vary based on several factors like twitter bio/pic, website quality, having an established account, twitter feed quality/interest (all of which we can help with!). That being said, we are confident you will be happy with the results!

For more information please contact us at: support@ad-inservices.com or tell us about yourself in the form below and we will get back with you soon. Thanks!

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