Hi! My name is Ben Myers and I have been a singer-songwriter and music producer for over a decade. My sound is mostly indie-rock, folk, and pop, and I specialize in mixing these same genres of music. I have put out 11 albums to date and have engineered and mixed all of them! I have also worked closely with a professional audio engineer during 2 of my albums and picked up most of his tips and tricks for mixing and editing.


You could say I have an ear for recorded music. Over the course of my 11 albums I’ve had the luxury of acquiring all the skills I would need to help others with their music projects. Take a listen to some of the tracks below which I’ve mixed.

Audio Recordings

(tracks have been mastered)

You can hear all of my music (all of which I mixed) on my website at www.BenMyersOnline.com.

Interested? Great! Please use the form below to contact me and I will get back to you within 2 business days. I’m excited to hear your newest project! Thank you.